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Resources for research (updated March 2018)

Bibliographic Resources, Relevant articles, practical evidence based guidelines:

  • Courses/Training in Eye Health and Public Health:


  • Systematic Reviews on Scientific Evidence in Vision Sciences. Cochrane Eyes and Vision.
  • Newspapers of Optometry disseminated by the World Council of Optometry:
  • Journals in Vision Sciences (ARVO):

Studies on functional aspects of vision. Vision Research.

  • the Repository of scientific archives in Visual Health.Vision Impact Institute (Essilor.):
  • Community eye health. CommunityEye Health Journal:
  • the Hinari Virtual Library (WHO):ári
  • Open Access Magazines in Ophthalmology and Optometry
  • Scientific publications and research in the African region. African Journals Online:
  • Social network for researchers. Research Gate
  • Researchers' register. ORCID.



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